Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mexico Ho!

First off, it was great seeing everyone in Berkeley. Man, I miss Cal so much. I miss the weather, the loco people, the hobos, the dogs, the small shops, BART, the pretty unreliable AC transit and all that jazz. In one hour of walking around, I saw like 5 people walking their dogs, 2 people talking to themselves, lots of people on bikes, and I was offered an opportunity to start my own business selling health products online. Only at Cal.

Speaking of Berkeley, there's this great show called Weeds that I was introduced to up there. Its about a widowed mom who sells weed for a living to provide for her family. Its a comedy and its pretty damn good so if you got time on your hands, watch it! Also, I want to get high now.

My cousin came in from out of town, so Ive been showing him around. Took him to Disneyland, taco truck, Dave and Busters and the great American supermarket Target. Tomorrow, we embark on a week-long cruise to Mexico, going down baja to Cabo San Lucas. Yet another addition to my Ho's.

Other events:
- Mtm's birthday = Sushi + sake bombs + Backstreet Boys karaoke. Happy bday MTM!
- Went to Lucky Foot Massage again. Brought Tony there. One hour massage for 15 bucks is the new face of San Gabriel.
- Helped, but not really, my mom's client put an official offer to buy a house. Don't know why my mom chose this venue, but this took place at McDonalds.

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