Wednesday, September 30, 2009

MLK Jr.'s Jr.

Dudes this little boy is so crazy, i think he's gonna be the next MLK.

He's only 10.5 years old, and he wrote the speech himself I think.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Of the many goals and dreams I have for my dad's recovery, one of the most ambitious ones is a return to a normal life. This isnt to say that he needs to be fully functioning, or very coherent, intellectual and aware of whats going on - just that he attempts to perform the daily routines he used to do before his stroke. How well he can do that is irrelevant, so long as I can see a will to live it up.

So yesterday, I finally managed to get my dad into his store for more than 10 minutes. At first, I thought he'd just sit there and be grumpy. Thats normally what he does. But immediately after we got there, he was helping out right away. Its really crazy to see a half paralyzed man sorting out clothes, knowing where to put them, working the dry cleaning machine, giving instructions, speaking spanish and greeting guests. Well its not that crazy, but I'm pretty excited. It took us a year and a half to get him to do this, so id say its a hell of a milestone. He also helped me wash my car later. Dammn, John Ma, gimme five man!

Oh and the best part is, he said he'd be going into the store everyday! Dude I gotta buy u some pho for reals.