Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Update as promised

Dang i was plannign to write this on Monday cause I had the day off - seriously, working for the gov't, you get the wackest days off. I mean Columbus Day? Really?? haha love it - anyway, i was actually back home in SG trying to spend some time with the old man who's been alone and contemplating moving into a nursing/assisted-living facility, which I actually think is a great idea b/c he might be able to make friends and just be around more ppl. Now I'm side tracking. Long story short, I am writing this blog b/c Will made me.

Work has been busy. In a nutshell, my main job is, uh, well basically I'm everyone's bitch when their buildings are broken. Being military, I got a lot of side duties too, like welcoming foreign ships, and being the command duty officer to respond to emergencies, like a crazy ass terrorist attack on the base w/ guns blazing and Hurt Locker stuff. I wish it was that sexy, but it's almost always just dealing with drunk idiots getting DUIs or assaulting people.

I love San Diego though. I feel like I discover a new gem in the city every week: Balboa Park, Old Town, Mission Bay Park, Phil's BBQ and that's it. So yeah, just four gems, but there's a ton out there and I know it! ANd I think a lot of it reminds me of that feeling I had in college, when I felt like Berkeley and the Bay Area had a ton of cool things just waiting for me to stumble upon. That's the refreshing feeling of living in a new city, and so I'm envious yet sincerely happy for all my friends who have lived or are living in those other cool parts of the country: Houston, New York, Boston, Pittsburgh, you name it. You're gonna find all these awesome restaurants, places, events, nooks and crannies and everytime you think back to that city, you'll just have all these great fond memories. San Diego's on track to being that.

On a last note, I started doing Crossfit and I love it! It's cool because you do a lot of unorthodox training, like kettlebell stuff, olympic lifts, and seemingly random ass workouts. It runs like a class, where you go at a certain time, say 6pm, and you're in that class for an hour with other people doing the same workout. And I really like it because it feels like I'm playing a sport, and not working out. You know what I mean? Like how you always wanna play ball or frisbee cause its fun cause its a sport, but if you're just trying to go to the gym daily, you'll slack and start to avoid it eventually? Well anyway, crossfit feels like a sport, so its a lot of fun and I get that competitive rush, whether against my classmates or just against myself. Done! Now I got a lotta blogs to read up on