Saturday, July 18, 2009


Job searching sucks. I'm still unemployed. Before, I used to get at least get rejections. Now, I don't even get rejections! The hell...

The sad thing is, and its something I keep contemplating, how hard must it be for other people to find jobs? First off, as a civil engineer I think I have pretty good job security (obviously not right this moment, but once I get a job, I'll be "secure"). There's always buildings to be built, infrastructure to be designed, wastewater to be cleaned, etc.. In terms of where I could be working, I could be anywhere from NASA to LA County Public Utility District to Shady Joe's Construction Company right around the corner. Its a HUGE industry, there's not doubt about that.

Now, we're all FOCs (fresh outta college, haha? yes no? I guess not.) looking to make a little money to go shopping or hit up the bars or whatever. Much of that cash is disposable, because we're not looking to use the cash on any specific necessities cept rent, food and some health checkups. Most of us are in it right now to to build are careers. Of course, that doesn't make the job any easier, in my opinion. Work is still tough, no doubt about that. All that TFA stuff that Cliff and Dmah are doing sound hard as hell, and thats the case for many of us. But in the backdrop, we still have our families to rely on, to bail us out when we need it. A home to go back to even though we absolutely can't stand our mother/brother/father/sister/dog/you-name-it which also mean food on the table, warm showers, internet/cable and hopefully love. That's what I've been relying on and I don't feel too guilty about it, though I think I should.

What about the people who don't have my kind of job security? Many Architecture/Engineering/Construction companies have hiring freezes, but they're not laying off anyone. But government jobs, education, public welfare, so forth - these things are getting cut across especially in CA. LA's unemployment is something like 11% now. The entire state of Michigan is worse. Today, the average length of unemployment is the longest it has ever been. And for so many people who didn't work full-time white collar jobs, they don't have pensions to dip into to help support them. They're running on empty and yet they still have to make ends meet. Their cash isn't disposable, neither is their credit. They simply don't have that backdrop.

I'm rarely inspired by the success of role models that society often praises for being rich and powerful. Bill Gates, Donald Trump. Pshhh whatever. You ain't got nothin on me. But when I hear or come across someone who has less and is trying to make it - a friend who worked over 40 hrs a week at Taco Bell while going to a JC to pay for his two years at Berkeley, all the stories of people migrating and living apart from their families just for some income to send back, single mothers, single fathers, even the taco truck guys who bust their asses all those long nights to feed me - that gets me going. That gets me in the library, to Starbucks, to my dad's dry cleaners, or on my mom's bitchwork.

I'm still lazy as hell. Damn.

Onto some lighter news, here's what I've been up to:
- Dressed up for Harry Potter midnight showing
- Drinking lots of Gma's soup. I swear, she will not stop calling me until I drink her soup.
- Helping out at my dad's dry cleaners. I get all nasty, cause the machine I work on blows hot steam to dewrinkle pants and its hot and I'm sweating like mad. Its worse than when I eat pho.
- Cocary, a hot pot and bbq place similar to Hot Pot City in El Cerrito, for my birthday dinner.
- Six Flags Magic Mountain. X2 is the best ride I have ever been on.

I'ma start taking pictures as soon as I get a memory card. I'm also going to try to get a real estate license and learn more about that. If you ever need real estate advice, feel free to ask me. Then, I will ask my mom.

Lastly, I was in the library this morning trying to squeeze in a little work. A song came up on my iTunes that I was obsessed with when I was in Hong Kong. Its called Rylynn and its played by Andy McKee. . It's the most beautiful song I've ever heard. Even though I have teh song on my computer, I went on youtube to watch it when I discover this:

Its the same song Rylynn played by some super small Korean boy. Damn, he's so baller. His eyes are small, asian people are funny. If ever I learn guitar, I'm gonna learn this song.


  1. Man, this post was very deep. As always, consider Houston for a job mang. hahah it's actually pretty nice out here!

  2. the song is really good. the man and boy are so talented

  3. Screw Houston.... just live in NYC with me. Shoot, I've been listening to Andy McKee for years. He's amazing. Watch him play Drifting, its freaking nuts.

  4. a thought-provoking post...

    i forgot i never returned your memory card!

  5. At least you are applying Josh!!