Thursday, July 2, 2009


Dear Blog,

Its been a while since I've blogged. I dont have an excuse for why - just been lazy. My apologies, Blog.

Today I dropped my brother off to the airport as he embarked on his vacation to Japan and Hong Kong. Now, you know how when someone you know is going to travel somewhere or move somewhere, you get really excited for that trip even though youre not the one going? Like, when Cliff was going to Houston, I'd start thinking about all the BBQ smokehouses, cowboys and guns that I could own. Or when Dmah was goign to NY, i was thinking of the hole-in-the-wall hot dog and burger and pizza joints I'd yelp. Or travelling down the ENTIRE east coast on a crazy roadtrip from NY. Or Canada. or Niagra Falls. or you get the point.

Well since I've already been to Japan and Hong Kong, I just get crazy flashbacks. Unable to contain myself, I gave my brother my one and only piece of advice for Japan:


Joypolis is the beastest beastest most monstrous craziest best arcade that I will have ever gone to in my life. Heres why:

- They have a Halfpipe arcade, where you actually get on a "snowboard" and ride up and down a halfpipe.

- They have these racing arcades, where you sit in a Full sized car with a 70" tv in front. As you turn the wheel, the whole car will turn including the TV.

- Olympics!

- Have you ever been to Disneyland and gone on the Starwars ride where you sit in a slightly moveable seat which tilts around as you move through space with R2D2? Well, at Joypolis, the WHOLE top floor is dedicated to these kinds of rides, including one where you get wet (i think, or maybe someone in back spat on us). They have this scary exhibit called House of Living Dolls where you sit down in a wooden chair, in a pitch black room, and listen through State of the Art headphones to a lazy who is slowly walking up to you before you decapitates you (i think. its in japanese so i dunno). but its FREAKING scary cause it actually felt like she was whispering into my ear. These two little girls when in happy and came out crying. hahah.

If youre bored, you should check out the Joypolis website. its all in Japanese, so its unlikely that you'll be able to navigate it. However, if you are as bright and intelligent as I am, you would quickly realize that it is actually impossible to navigate, and would promptly stop doing so.

btw, none of the vids posted above are mine, i just found them off youtube. too lazy to find mine

Peace out, A town

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