Friday, November 13, 2009


Yesterday I took my dad to do an ultrasound on his kidneys and bladder. I only know of using ultrasound in two cases: ultrasounding a baby and ultrasounding oil pools under the earths surface (it's true). Well since we were in a doctors office, it was pretty clear we weren't gonna be searchin for oil. Anyway, so the doctor ultrasounds my dad, and I can see the fuzzy screen and all the little white dots spread about the blackness that make up his internal organs. And in those 15 minutes I felt really proud - I was my father's baby's father staring at my unborn child.

I ate at this place last week up in the bay area:

Ike's Place is ridiculous and if u skip over to the second half, they show the signature sandwich called Kryptonite with 14 different ingredients (ham, turkey, roast beef, bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, pesto, onion rings, mozarella sticks, DIRTY SAUCE OMG and some more) weighing in around 4 pounds of sexiness. Well I just wanna say, been there done that. failed. but o damn it was good, halfway into the first half I thought I was getting a heart attack. In my throat.

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