Friday, October 16, 2009

Navy Ho?

I'm sitting here in Burbank Airport waiting for my delayed flight to start boarding and i figured it be a good time to blog. First off, I think everyone should get a starbucks membership, it only requires putting five bucks on a giftcard (which you could spend anyway) but you get internet access at any AT&T wifi hotspot, which is every single starbucks, as well as airports and stuff.

Anyway, the job search is still super slow, but i've gotten one pretty good lead - the U.S. Navy Civil Engineering Corps. I've already filled out most of the paper work and interviewed with them, all they need is a few letters of rec, security background check and some medical tests. oh shit also i have to do a fitness test: 42 pushups in two minutes, 58 situps in two minutes, 1.5 miles in 12 min. Can you do that? Cause I can't, I side-cramped up when I practiced the mile run.

Signing with the Navy is a four year commitment: 6 months of officer training, a 24 month tour, and then an 18 month tour. I could choose to spend the tours on bases throughout the U.S. or train to go abroad and build and defend bases in Iraq and Afghanistan (and other places like Japan or Europe, but for a second there you thought I was going off to fight didn't ya?). I think by the end of the four years, I'd be a lieutenant, which sounds really frickin cool. Plus, i get veterans benefits or something, and have the opportunity to pursue some really cool degrees in grad school free, like diving school, where I'd be a professional diver inspecting offshore structures.

Anyway, more on that when I actually hear back from them.

On another note, I tried to wrap my penis around my wrist the other day and was pretty disappointed. This was following Diep's story of The Hammer, this high school boy who had a nine-inch penis and became the most popular guy on campus. He wore his junk like a wrist watch. Its one of those things where you say, "pshhh whatever i could do that." what a bastard.

I thought this video was really cool:

And I thought this video was pretty funny and really catchy:


  1. some things i want to know, josh. like about your possible job at the navy! how cool! and some things, i don't. like your wristwatch. besides, it's totally BS. if that kid could wrap his dick around his wrist, he must have no girth at all. sucks for him!

  2. Au contraire Jennifer. The girth is 5-3/4-inch. Anyways, I reread the article Josh. Turns out it's actually not 9 inch but 9-3/4-inch. Almost 10!

  3. girth as in diameter? or circumference? either way, something's not right...

  4. ..... holy shit, that's bigger than my arm.