Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Posting #3

A few days ago, I watched my first ever baseball game from beginning to end between the Dodgers and Dbacks. I mean, I actually sat down and watched from top of the 1st inning to the bottom of the 9th and let me tell you, it was actually okay. like, actually okay. thats pretty good coming from someone who kinda really hates baseball - its so boring and slow. but anyway, Dodgers were down 5-1. And then at the bottom of the 8th, they BEASTED it up with five runs, took the lead and held off the diamondbacks at the top of the 9th. I'll admit that during the comeback, I was pretty excited. so, even though i had to sit thru 8 innings of what the hell am i doing watching this i can't believe there's nothing better to watch arghh!!, the last 15 minutes made the game interesting. So yeah, baseball can actually be okay. What a pleasant surprise.

I spend a lot of my days trying to be productive. In fact, i feel like i'm more productive now than during school. I''ve been doing a daliy dose of reading engineering news, politics and finance. I am now very worldly and wise.

hey, San jose is the considered the richest city according to Forbes in 2005 based on median household value or something like that. I think city is the wrong term to use, it should be more like region, because i would think like Hollywood Hills where all the celebrities live would be the richest city. Anyway, for anyone who lives in San Jose, Paul, you are rich by association. That kinda sucks, people expect you to be a gazillionaire but its just because all your neighbors are CEOs of their own .com companies.

Im gonna go do the UCLA undie run this wednesday. Gotta show the boys and girls of LA what Cal men are made of. I've been trying to get into shape, I want people to think I'm a mega athlete at Cal. right now i look like Oski. I have embarked on my 20th quest to get a six pack. So far, I'm at a one pack, buts that a good thing because I just see a clean slate that I can chisel. Van Gough would agree: the best paintings are made on a blank canvas, not reimaginations of a masterpiece. Pretty deep huh?

I saw Up. It was good. It has dogs. And i hopped to terminator. That was pretty good too.

some other things i've been up to:
- gone back to high school to help out with the speech team. Those kids look up to me. makes me feel strong and powerful
- helped gma find a retirement home. she treated me to lunch. makes me feel strong and powerful


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